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Our manufacture base is centrally located in an industrial zone where many local suppliers reside. Having local suppliers nearby means we have better quality control over raw materials and faster deliveries for our customers. In addition, we have a warehouse of over 8,375 square meters for accommodating the largest of orders.

Machinery/Production Process
Following the management system of standard ISO 9001:2015, we use a series of semi-automated machinery along our production lines to maximize our output. We begin our manufacturing process by selecting the finest raw materials from local and overseas suppliers. We source 60% of our Aluminum Alloy from Taiwan, 30% of ABS,PS material from China, 10% stainless steel metal parts from our local suppliers in Guangdong. Once our manufacturing begins, we integrate a series of processes for die-casting, stamping, injection molding, polishing, riveting, painting, cutting and final cleaning & packaging.

Before our products are delivered, our QC department inspects all our products to meet our quality standards.